Chamber of Commerce Endorses Lindeen

June 22, 2012 — The Montana Chamber of Commerce today announced their endorsement of Monica Lindeen for reelection as Montana’s State Auditor.  The Chamber cited Monica’s pro-development voting record and her more reasonable approach to insurance and securities regulation as key reasons for the endorsement.

An entrepreneur and former small-business owner, Lindeen has a strong record of creating jobs and promoting Montana’s economy.  She started one of Montana’s first internet service providers, and wrote the legislation that created Montana’s economic development trust fund.

As a member of Montana’s Land Board, Monica has supported every opportunity to develop the states abundant natural resources, from coal and oil to timber and renewable energy.  Monica’s votes as a member of the Land Board have raised more than $214 million for education, and according to the Bureau of Business and Economic Research, will create thousands of good-paying jobs long into the future.