Meet Monica

The daughter of a truck driver and a waitress,
Monica Lindeen inherited a passion for hard work.

M onica worked her way through high school – mostly in concessions at the Big Sky Drive-In and MetraPark arena in Billings. She worked as a waitress at Pizza Hut, where she could make tips. The extra money came in handy paying for gas in her ’63 Chrysler and a few school clothes.

Monica was the first member of her family to attend and graduate from college, making good on a promise to herself to seek higher education. It was no easy task. Monica was married and had a two-year-old daughter when she started taking classes at Montana State University – Billings, the closest college to her home in Huntley. In 1992, she graduated at age 30 with an English degree. For the next two years, Monica was a graduate student, worked as a graduate teaching assistant, and taught English at the same university.

Monica’s husband, David, was a lineman for the local electric cooperative. They spent time with his two sons and their daughter was in public school. Life in Huntley, Montana was settled and good.

Let your Voice be Heard

Monica is still fired up and her passion is still the same: Ensure that the voices of ordinary Montanans are heard. This time, Monica is taking her leadership to the voting booth where the rights of Montanans are heard and decided.

Monica has a proven track record of ensuring that money and influence do not step on the rights of Montanans. She knows that the real work of Montana isn’t about scoring a political win, but about building longterm solutions to real problems. She understands the problems facing Montana’s family businesses. And she knows the importance of maintaining Montana’s outdoor heritage as a member of the Montana Land Board.

Success won’t be easy. But Monica has proven she isn’t afraid of hard work and knows how to get the job done.